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About Us

Have you ever tried to find good archival footage for your historical project on a limited budget and within a tight timeframe? While there is a great deal of material out there to be found, the process of finding it can be time consuming and frustrating. Many stock footage libraries "disguise" their public domain footage as something they own and charge a premium (per second) price for "licensing" it. Even if you can find historical footage in places like the National Archives, after you have hired a researcher, filled out the forms, and paid the lab for it, even the "free" stuff can be incredibly expensive!

At, we have taken the legwork and exorbitant cost out of finding great public domain and other historical footage. Our CEO, Rick Ray, has been collecting rare and hard to find footage for 30 years, a collection running the gamut from old travelogues to war films, commercials, zany ephemeral films, industrials, home movies and everything in between.

RetroFootage is constantly adding and acquiring new footage, so check back often to see what's new.

The vast majority of footage at is made available to you at only the cost of a handling fee, based on the running time of the clips in question. We warrant that the majority of our clips are in the public domain and can be freely used in broadcast editorial presentations. However, as with all footage in the public domain, care should be taken to avoid violating the rights of privacy of any individuals appearing in the footage for purely commercial purposes or endorsements. See our FAQ page for further information

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