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Our Contracts

Three Types of Contracts: Royalty Free Commercial Use, Royalty Free Editorial Use, and Public Domain

Most of our clips do not carry any license fee, as we don't "own" the clips ourselves! Unlike many stock libraries who charge expensive "per second" license fees for undisclosed public domain clips, we tell you up front that we have determined, to the best of our abilities, that the footage we offer is in the public domain and free for you to use in your production.

Our license fee covers the cost of passing the clips on to you, and helps us keep on finding more clips for you to use. However, just like the National Archives and most other archival PD resources, the onus is on you to do further research on privacy rights, music or trademarks and logos appearing in the footage, especially if you intend to use the clips purely for commercial purposes. While we warrant that we have done our best to verify that the clip is in the public domain, at checkout, you will sign an agreement indemnifying and holding RetroFootage harmless from any intended usage of the clip.

A few of our clips are owned by libraries or archives who issue a royalty free license for the clips. Although this is a very small minority of clips, you may be asked to sign a Royalty Free or Editorial Use Only contract for the footage.

For further questions, see our FAQ page.

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