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Note: Searching for "mountain lion" will only return clips that contain both "mountain" and "lion" in the order typed. Typing mountain lion without quotes will first display clips that contain both mountain and lion followed by clips with either a mountain or lion in them.

Searching for a clip id number:

If you are looking for an exact clip id number, you must surround the clip id number with quotes, such as "001-0241" .

Using the wildcard character % in a search:

You can use the percentage (%) character in the following way. If you enter the search term man%, you will get every word that starts with man, such as mankind, manatee, manitoba, etc. If you want to see the entire clip range for a collection starting with prefix 001-, enter 001-% to see the entire collection in alphanumeric order.

Forcing the inclusion or exclusion of a search term using the + and - characters:

You can use the + or - characters to include or exclude a search term. For example, if you wanted to see all the clips that contain a bear but does not have fish in it, you would enter the following in the search box: bear -fish. Or if you wanted to see all the clips that contain a businessman in an office, enter the following in the search box: businessman +office.Do not include a space after the + or - sign and the word that follows.

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Located above the clips on the Search Results page, click on the blue link labeled, "show results filter". You can refine your results by the following methods: era, usage, animation, format, and talent release.

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